Monday, July 13, 2009

Three Little Indians

Welcome to our second installment of our interview with Ms.Vintage where she gives us a little peek into how she manages Etsying & Mothering. She has three darling little boys & runs two successful Etsy shops. How does she do it all?

How do you juggle family and Etsy? Um, well I don't think I do very well. I definitely drop a few balls or so quite often while juggling. I try to designate certain "etsy time slots" throughout my day & it seems the days that I actually follow through with my "plan", things are much smoother.

What do your kids think about Etsy? Harrison helps with the pictures & occassionally asks me how it all "works". They all join in on the excitement of a sale or Front Page exposure! but on the flip side, they get a little annoyed with the computer if I am in the middle of something and they want milk or peanut butter toast NOW!

You also home school. How do you manage to do all this? Well, I am blessed to have 3 boys, close in age who LOVE playing together, so they don't require much "playing" time with me, allowing me to get housework & other responsibilities accomplished. We work on "school" together in the mornings; the younger two are learning preschool stuff & Harry is finishing up Kindergarten. Next year will be a little more of a challenge as Harry will need more one-on-one learning time with me for First Grade.

To what extent do you rely on the TV to keep the kiddos occupied while you work on Etsy? We don't have cable, but we get DVDs from the library each week & we have many VHS tapes that I pick up from the thrift store for a quarter. I am all about the VCR, since the boys can't scratch the tapes like DVDs. But as far as how much they watch, it differs day to day depending on how hot it is outside. They usually watch approximately 30 minutes in the morning & afternoon before Daddy comes home (giving me time to get the house clean) & a few evenings a week we'll watch something together as a family before bed.

What is your favorite family fun activity?
We live 4 miles from the beach, so we frequent there often, but we actually enjoy staying home together. My husband has transformed our backyard into a wonderland, so the boys, more often than not, would rather just stay home and swim & play. Also, this probably sounds strange but I actually like watching them wrestle with Rich, my husband. A few other "funzies" that we enjoy are: singing, dancing & "Go Fish" is a fave right now.

If money were no object, what Etsy item would you buy for your children? This Child TeePee by GracieBeanBaby. They are VERY into fort & tent making right now.


Stay tuned for the next part of our interview where Rebecca reveals her organization tricks for running her Etsy business from home.

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