Friday, July 31, 2009

How NOT to Become a Workaholic

Anyone who works from home knows it is always a challenge to walk away from your work & maintain some semblance of "a life." Today Rhonda of Etsy's LilBitSassy shares about her life beyond Etsy.

Do you take time away for yourself?
Yes I do. To me, family does come first (even if that's just me and my other half). I tend not to plan to work on weekends (although more often than not, I do) because it's time I choose to spend with Mike. If we have no plans, then I will work, but if we do, then I don't feel guilty about not working. I also take a yearly vacation for two weeks to go down south to see my family. It's usually right when I deserve a much needed break.

Do you take care of yourself?
I do. I have realized that the one thing you HAVE to do for yourself is to listen to your body. If your body is running down and you're tired, try to rest for about an hour. I usually feel this way in the afternoons, so I will stop what I'm doing and go rest. Even if I just watch TV or read for about an hour, it helps. I have found that I cannot work when I'm tired. You will thank yourself if you just listen to your body's needs.

What other Etsy Mom's shop would you like to see featured on this blog?
I would love for you to do an interview with Bit Of Whimsy. She makes the cutest dolls and also sells her patterns. She's a true EtsyMomPreneur!

What closing Etsy Success advice can you leave us with?
Be patient. Sometimes it takes a bit before buyers will find you. Once they do, and realize you offer a quality product with friendly and courteous service, they will come back and will also recommend you to others. I've found that a little patience and a courteous, respectful manner goes a long way in your success.

Rhonda also runs a blog for her new projects/items. Currently, she is having her first giveaway. A lucky winner will receive one of her cat blankies.
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Thursday, July 30, 2009

Picture Pages, Picture Pages...

Rhonda was kind enough to share some pictures of her adorable inspiration, her nieces & nephews! Since today is my birthday I plan to keep this post short, but be sure to check back in either Friday or Saturday when I plan to post the final part of her interview! I have a great interview lined up for next week as well!

My newest great nephew. He's very tiny, 18 months old and he weighs a whopping 17 pounds and is only 26" tall. I don't think he'll be a football player! He's so funny, too! Right now, he's my guinea pig. Any new baby items I make, I send to him to test out for me. While my niece was pregnant, I sent her "mommy" items so she could tell me what changes I needed to make, if any. She's very honest and I love her input.

My cutting table. It folds up (shown half unfolded) so it doesn't take up a lot of room. I usually keep it tucked under the stairs.

The secretary I refinished--what it looked like when I first got it. Believe it or not, this was Mike's grandmother's. She had bought it from Sears. I guess back in the day you could buy furniture kits that you put together yourself. I still have to attach the desk part of it and I want to paint flowers on it also. I chose blue and yellow because that's my favorite color combination.

My side of the family. I'm standing on the right in the light blue sweater. My parents are in the middle (mom in white shirt and Dad sitting). My two brothers are standing on either side of my Mom. The rest are all nieces and nephews. This picture was taken four years ago so one more great niece and two great nephews have been added to the mix.

Of course, I have to send you pictures of my "kids" too! "Cuddle Monkey" is my kitty Scooter. She's so cuddly! I believe someone dropped her (nice I know) so we adopted her. She's very funny too--quite a personality. I do believe she's a reincarnate human because she does such "human" things. She likes eating raw potatoes and pistachios. That's just not catlike lol. "We in Love" are my other two kitties, Jezebel (orange), and Jinx. They were both feral. It took us MONTHS to tame them. But we eventually did and now they're very lovable cats. Although Jezzy still acts a little freaky sometimes.

My little Rocky. He's my chinchilla. I've had him since he was 12 weeks old (he's now 11 yrs old). He's a sweet little guy. Chinchillas don't like to be handled, but he LOVES his fat belly scratched. He's very friendly. And, as you can see, also a Steelers fan.
Thank you for sharing these great personal photos! It's always so nice to get to know the person behind the shop on Etsy. We are looking forward to the final part of your interview coming up this weekend!

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Etsying with Sass

So what makes Rhonda so sassy? I'd say anybody who lives in an old schoolhouse can be as sassy as she wants to be. Yes, she and her husband Mike live in an old school house (along with their cats and a few bats in the belfry). Does that rock or what?

We're back today with part 2 of our interview with Rhonda of Etsy shop LilBitSassy. Today she is sharing her tips on organization & time management.

Family heirloom, Sears Secretary

What is your biggest organizational/time management strength?
What works best for me is deciding what project I'd like to work on for the week and then scheduling my time around that. I usually wake up around 7:30 a.m., do computer work, and then try to start my projects around 9 a.m. I take a lunch break, and then get back to work right after. I try to maintain a regular work schedule--as if I worked outside the home. If I write a schedule out, I'm usually pretty good at sticking to it.

Another thing that works for me is taking one day a week to do prep work. By that I mean cutting out projects and getting them ready to sew. I find this cuts down my actual sewing time and I can get items made much faster. I can also make them in an assembly-line type process, which makes it so much easier and more enjoyable. The sewing is the fun part--the prep work not so much.

Husband, Mike, working on the school house.


Housework. I find it gets in the way of my crafting. Of course, there's the occasional laziness of not wanting to do anything at all, which I try not to give in to, but some days that's just a losing battle.

How do you store your Etsy supplies & stock?

I'm an organizer by nature so I like to keep my stock and shipping items well organized so I don't have to shuffle through things to find what I need. Two years ago, my MIL gave me and old secretarial desk and I refinished it and decided it would work perfectly to store my stock in. For my shipping supplies, I have a seven drawer plastic cart on wheels. I can organize my bags by size and of course all my shipping labels, etc. in it. My dream is to have a sewing/office workspace. Unfortunately, our house is a bit small so that's not possible at this time. But a girl can dream!

Sewing table with view of the bird feeders.

Describe your typical Etsy week.
I try to work at least 15 hours a week, usually Mon-Sun. Most of my work is done on weekends since I usually have to take a day or two off for household chores and errands. Even so, I still try to work at least a couple of hours every day.

Do you feel others respect the fact that you work from home?
I find I tend to get a lot of support from people when they realize that I work from home. I haven't had any bad reactions to my business.

Refinished Secretary--actually, a work in progress!

I also have a blog that I try to keep updated with new projects/items I am working on. Currently, I am having my first giveaway. A lucky winner will receive one of my cat blankies.

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Monday, July 27, 2009

She's a Lil' Bit Sassy

From time to time I may feature an Etsypreneur who does not fall into the "mom" category, but I feel her shop items and her Etsy-experience might be relevant to you EtsyMamaPreneurs. This is one of those weeks. Rhonda is a blessed aunt with several nieces & nephews who inspire her creations in her shop Lil Bit Sassy, where she specializes in hand-made mom & baby items. Welcome to Rhonda's interview, where she shares her Etsy insights on time management, organization, and more.

Describe your Etsy shop:
My Etsy shop is called Lil Bit Sassy. I sell a variety of items such as purses, household items, and children's items such as animal blankies, appliqued onesies, and toys. I am always trying out new things, so my items tend to vary in my shops. I try to keep my inventory fresh and new rather than stocking the same items. I also enjoy doing custom orders. I find they get my creative juices flowing.

Whoa, here she comes! Custom Baby Outfit

What inspired you to start your Etsy shop and how long have you been running it?

I love to sew! I am the only crafter in my family and I usually give handmade gifts for b-days and Christmas. When people would see some of the items I made, they would tell me that I should start selling them. So, I decided to try selling online at Etsy. I opened my shop in 2006. I also recently opened shops at: Winkelf, Blujay, Artfire

Of which item currently for sale in your Etsy shop are you most proud and why?
My animal blankies! The first one I made was from a monkey pattern I had purchased from another etsy seller. From there, I decided to make other animals, so I made a cat, lamb, robot, frog, and teddy bear. I also plan to make more animals.

I would like to focus more on baby/children's items at this time. I have no children of my own, however; I do have plenty of great nieces and nephews and I enjoy making things for them. They also love that they get handmade items from me, which makes me feel so great. I suppose I also have a "cutesy" gene that makes me love cute things, and how much cuter can you get than making things for babies and children?

I also have a blog that I try to keep updated with new projects/items I am working on. Currently, I am having my first giveaway. A lucky winner will receive one of my cat blankies.

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Lora's Life Beyond Etsy

So what does a busy mom of four do in her free time? Oh, wait, what free time? Welcome to our 4th and final installment of our interview with Lora, Mrs. EagerHands.

Do you take time away for yourself? If so, what do you do (other than Etsy!)? My husband is really great about giving me time away by myself. Having time away to be still and quiet is essential for me to keep focused on what my job as a wife and mother is all about! I also love a good date night with my hubby, and I have some amazing friends that live on my street so I enjoy walking down to their houses and visiting with them. I love deep talks and appreciating the little things in life.

Lora's Before Pic

Do you take care of yourself? Do you get enough sleep? I've pretty much been pregnant or nursing for the last six years, so I had let myself get pretty overweight! I started doing Weight Watchers in December and I am happy to report that I've lost almost 55 pounds! (see before and after pictures) I am really trying hard to take better care of myself and eat healthier. Losing all the weight has helped my self-esteem a lot! Not to mention, I have more energy to play with my kiddos! As far as sleep goes, I don't get as much as I probably should, but I try to take naps if all of my kiddos are taking one, too. UPDATE: Lora met her Weight Watchers goal the day I posted this entry. Way to go, Lora!

What closing Etsy Success advice can you leave us with?

1. Try to add new items everyday, or at the very least, renew a few items each day. I think that is really important to maintaining a strong presence on the website.

2. Having great pictures is also essential! If you're having trouble with that, you could ask a friend who's good with cameras. Don't give up - it took me a few years to figure out my camera and get the shots I really wanted!

Vintage Holly Hobbie Friendship Plaque, eagerHands

3. Treat your customers the way you would like to be treated. Go the extra mile with communication and customer service- a thank you email and a hand-written note with pretty packaging make a big difference! If you make a good first impression, chances are, the customer will come back and shop again.

4. The most important piece of advice that I ever got (from a dear Etsy friend and mentor) is that your etsy shop should not be about the money. It should first be about the people and the relationships that are formed through the business. That's what it's all about. I pray that I can somehow use my etsy shop to form meaningful connections with others and show them a little bit about the God that has inspired me to use my eager hands to express His love.

Mother Nature's Gifts Necklace, madebycarashop

If money were no object, what three things would be at the top of your Etsy wish list?
* This beautiful quilt with vintage fabrics from one of my favorite Etsy people!!
* I am a huge fan of Etsy's MadeByCaraShop - I love this shop!! Amazing necklaces..

If money were no object, I would want the original painting of this print. The artist is actually a friend - isn't her work amazing? She uses old hymnbook pages on her pieces. I love this one!

What other Etsy Mom's shop would you like to see featured on this blog?
My sweet etsy friend and inspiration, Mandy from She is AMAZING, and an incredible role-model and example for me as a wife, mom, and etsy-shop-owner...She has been SUCH an encouragement to me, especially when I was just starting up.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

See Lora Etsy

"I would be remiss if I didn't
give all the credit to God."
--Lora, EagerHands

Even little Leo has eager hands!

Welcome to our third installment of our interview with Lora of EagerHands Blog & Etsy shop of the same name, EagerHands. In this post we'll see how Lora works out the little details of her Etsying, from time management to organization!

What is your biggest organizational/time management strength? I like to make lists! I find that if I write down all that I have to do for the day, I am more apt to do it. I also work better on a deadline than in planning way far ahead. So, I think I've grown in the fact that I don't really get stressed out about last minute projects that much. I am much more efficient and work better and faster when I have to get something done on a last minute basis. (I wonder if that stems from my college days when I pulled all-nighters for exams the next day... :) )

Weakness? I've got too much stuff!! I desperately need to de-clutter! I like to be clean and have everything organized, but with a family of six, it is difficult at times to stay neat and tidy! My husband and I both have a lot of hobbies and interests, so we have a lot of stuff between the two of us!! haha... One of these days, I'll get it all under control.

Formal Dining, Lora's Workspace

How do you store your Etsy supplies & stock?
My workspace is in my formal dining room (which we only use a few times a year as an actual dining room, so it works perfectly for me as a place to do my work everyday). I love all the natural light that streams in through the windows. I sew there at the window and cut fabric on the dining room table. The apron on the dress form was made by my husband's grandmother.

All the items listed in my shop and fabric waiting to be cut into yardage and fat quarters are in all the Rubbermaid tubs. Works in progress and fabric to be cut into quilt squares are stored in the drawers of that great vintage art-deco buffet that I picked up a few years ago at an estate sale. I am surrounded by photographs of my family and little vintage vases, dried flowers, candles, a vintage globe and a wonderful vintage family Bible - all the things I love and find inspiration in

vintage art-deco buffet

Describe your typical Etsy week.
I ship orders out on Tuesdays and Fridays, so my busiest days are Mondays and Thursdays. I iron all the fabric that has been purchased and pack all the orders up to be shipped out. Usually, I am up pretty late on those two nights working and getting things ready. I pay a lot of close attention to how my packages look -lots of little details - handwritten thank you notes, little extra gifts, fabric wrapped up in a cute way, etc.. I've found that a little goes a long way, and my customers have really appreciated that! This is my favorite part of the job - personalization and putting my heart into every order!

I spend my other free moments (when the kiddos are napping or late at night) cutting, sewing, and keeping my shop updated with new or at least renewed listings every day.

Lastly, I go shopping once or twice a week (which I LOVE to do!!). My husband is very supportive and watches the kids so I can go all by myself. It is one of the highlights of my week. I love to treasure hunt!

Do you feel others respect the fact that you work from home, or do they tend to disregard what you do as something less than a "real" job and therefore not very important?
I have been so encouraged by my family and friends in this area. They are so proud of me and the success I've had with eager hands. It has been a real blessing! But, I would be remiss if I didn't give all the credit to God. He has been the absolute number one reason why I have been successful with my Etsy shop. I constantly give this little business of mine back to Him and pray that I can be a blessing to my customers and somehow express His love to them through what I do.

What item would be at the top of your Etsy wish list in terms of helping you in your job as an Etsy mom?
This amazing antique cabinet to store all my fabric in!!! Especially for fat quarters and quilt squares...Heaven!

Be on the lookout for our final post with Lora coming soon to a blog near you! I also look forward to presenting Etsy seller LilBitSassy in the coming week!

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Mrs.EagerHands on Etsying & Mothering

"Having a side business at home is not worth it if I neglect my little ones." --Lora, of EagerHands

How do you juggle family & Etsy?
I've got to be honest - it's a challenge! Day by day, I am easing into more of a routine with all that I have to do - from taking care of the children, being a happy and attentive wife to my husband, keeping the house clean, cooking meals, doing laundry, and all my Etsy shop work (ie. shopping, washing fabric, cutting fabric, photographing items, listing items on shop, networking, ironing/packing orders, and shipping). It's a lot of work! I try to keep it all balanced. Having a side business at home is not worth it if I neglect my little ones.

My family has to be my first priority! I try to work on my shop while my kids are napping or asleep at night. If they are playing happily in the kitchen, I can use that time to iron fabric and pack up orders. My "studio" is in my dining room in the center of the house so I can cut fabric, take pictures, or sew while my kids are playing and still be with them. I try to take little breaks and not work for super-long stretches at a time, too. That helps all of us to not get too overwhelmed.

What do your kids think about Etsy?
They don't really know about Etsy. They just know that mommy is "working on her fabric" so that we can have money to buy the things we need. My kiddos are all so young - they haven't totally figured it out. They appreciate what I do when I take them to the thrift store with me and they get to pick out a book or video, though! They are also excited when I make a sale - I've got my own cheering section. It's so sweet.

To what extent do you rely upon the TV to keep the kiddos occupied while you work on Etsy?
This is another area that I am growing in as a mom. We don't have TV, but it's so tempting to put in video after video and let that "babysit" my children while I do other things. I confess that there have been days where this has been the case. I am trying to make more of an effort to use videos/dvds only in situations when it's the absolute last resort. They can be really helpful, though, during the time when I am cooking dinner, or when I have to pack up that last minute order before the mail comes. I really try to do my work while the children are sleeping or happily playing and don't need my help. My two older boys really love to play together and build train tracks, towers, etc., so that works out great when I have to get some work done while the two younger ones are having their morning nap.

What is your favorite family fun activity?
We love to go to this Latin-American mall up the road and eat some amazing authentic Mexican food and listen to the live bands that play incredible music. This place also has a gigantic play area and fun arcade, too. It's a great afternoon for all six of us when we go.

If money were no object, what Etsy item would you buy for your children?
I think my kids would love this play kitchen from Imagine That Wood Shop and would have so much fun playing together with this.

Thank you again, Lora, for a refreshing look at running an Etsy business from home with little ones underfoot. Your answers are inspiring, which is exactly why I started this blog, because I know there are so many lovely Etsy moms out there with so much experience to offer that we can all learn from. I love how you mentioned being a happy wife. Some days it can be such a challenge not to be a grumpy wife! I look forward to the next section of our interview where we cover some of your oganizational tips.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Introducing Mrs.EagerHands Herself

Lora & Baby Joseph

I am thrilled to introduce our EtsyMomPreneur of the week, Lora of Eager Hands. I lovelovelove the verse Lora has at the top of her blog, "She selects wool and flax and works with eager hands," Proverbs 31:33. As a busy mom of four & dealer of vintage fabrics, Lora gives us a glimpse into living life as a modern day Proverbs 31 woman.

How many children do you have and what are their ages? I have four amazing kiddos: Benjamin, 5, Leo, 3 1/2, Ruth, 2, and Joseph, 8 months. I am a blessed mommy!

Vintage Fabric Stack -- Happy Retro

Please describe your Etsy shop:
My Etsy shop, eagerhands, offers mostly vintage fabrics, including all kinds yardage, fat quarter stacks, pillowcase sets, quilts, curtains, table linens, aprons, etc. I also offer some handmade by me items as well, such as baby quilts, bags, and jewelry.

What inspired you to start your Etsy shop and how long have you been running it? I opened my Etsy shop in December of 2005 a few months after I had my second child. (Wow, I can't believe it's been that long!) When I first joined Etsy, I wanted to have an outlet to sell the items that I was making--mostly crocheted items and jewelry in the beginning. Etsy was the perfect place to do that!

When I relaunched the shop a few months ago with my new vintage sections, I was looking for an opportunity to combine my love for vintage fabrics and my love for crafting.
That's when things really got busy! It has been an awesome opportunity for me and has allowed me to make some wonderful friendships with customers from all over the world. I am also so thankful to be able to help out my family financially. It is a blessing all the way around!

One of a Kind Seventies Vintage Hand-Tied Quilt

Of which item currently for sale in your Etsy shop are you most proud and why? It's hard to pick just one item! I get a huge smile on my face every time I discover a "treasure". I love the idea of finding beauty in the cast aside and forgotten. It's so redemptive and goes along hand in hand with my faith in God. Probably my favorite thing in my shop right now is an amazing vintage quilt that I found at an estate sale tucked away in a cedar chest. It is truly incredible and one of a kind! I LOVE all the great vintage fabrics. And I love imagining the woman who made it sewing away late at night when her kiddos were in bed asleep. :)

Thanks so much, Lora! This first part of your interview brought true joy to my heart!
Everyday Button Bag featuring vintage fabric and buttons - Sweet Girl
Keep checking back, everyone, as I will post more from Lora over the coming week. In our next installment she will share her insights into the ultimate ventures in multitasking--Etsying & Mothering. Not to mention you will get to see pictures of her three other adorably scrumptious little ones! They are just too cute!

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Rebecca's Life Beyond Etsy

Do you take time away for yourself? If so, what do you do (other than Etsy!)? I am sort of a homebody and would rather be home with my family than "out with the girls", but my husband and I make it a priority to have a date night 1-2 times a month.

Are you taking care of yourself? Do you sleep & eat well?
I sleep OK. It's the eating that's a problem!!! I literally could go 2-3 days and have only eaten a few pretzels (or whatever I've picked off the boys' plates) & coffee. But then I'll eat a HUGE meal & it will hold me over for another few days. This is TERRIBLE I know, but admitting it is the first step, right! Oh & I have a weakness for eating a whole, large bag of peanut butter M&M's in one sitting. NOT GOOD, I know. I do try to work out for 30 miutes or so, 4-5 days a week, so I'm not all bad.

Retro Canister Set from 26OliveStreet

If money were no object, name three things would you buy for yourself from other Etsy shops?
I fell in LOVE with this Custom Made Posey Ring from KathrynRiechert the moment I saw it.

I am also CRAZY about this Lime Maxi dress from MaxMaven.

Finally, I am quite fond of these
Retro Yellow Green Orange Lacquer Stack Canister Bowls available from 26OliveStreet.

Custom Made Posey Ring from KathrynRiechert

What other Etsy mom's shop would you like to see featured on this blog? enveJEWELRY & uncorked

Thank you so much for letting us pick your brain, Rebecca! You have gorgeous shops & a beautiful family. I have enjoyed this interview & learned so much from you!

Friday, July 17, 2009

Rebecca's How to Etsy in the Home

Ms.Vintage's Work Station

It's finally here! Installment 3 of our interview with EtsyMom Extraordinaire, Rebecca of The Vintage Closet & The Vintage Dress. Today we are privileged to hear some of the details of how Rebecca runs her wonderful shops all from the comfort of her lovely little home.

Do you work from your sofa, at the kitchen table? I have a desk in the living room or I stand at my shipping station in the EVERYTHING room.

How do you store your Etsy stock & supplies? Until my husband is able to build me closets in the "EVERYTHING Room" (which will be the last thing finished in there) my supply of vintage clothing hangs in the boys' closet locked up tight, which works out well since they don't really have many clothes that hang & their toys are in the EVERYTHING Room. The rest of my inventory (shoes, purses, hats, etc.) is organized in storage containers under my shipping center in the EVERYTHING Room.

Do you work set hours or do you fit in Etsy as you can? My schedule differs depending on how well my shops are doing, but normally I try to set up days for each week: a shipping day, photo day, editing day, listing day, shopping day (my favorite) & an organizing day. I also spend about 1-2 hours a day on normal shop upkeep: convos, treasuries, blog, networking, etc.

Do you ever use daycare/babysitting for your children in relation to Etsy?
I don't get a babysitter because it seems kinda silly to me to pay someone to watch my boys, so that I can try to make money. I take my boys with me on my shopping trips to the thrift stores (they always get to pick out a book, so they don't mind). My husband is in the midst of transforming our garage into the "EVERYTHING room" (playroom, workout room, theatre, etsy shipping center, etc). While I package my orders or organize my shop stuff, the boys play in there with me. The one thing, though, that is VERY difficult to do while they are awake is take photos, so I try to do this while they are napping (Harry has gotten to the age where he can help me, though).

Easter Sunday 2009

If Estypreneur stopped by your house in the middle of a normal week day, what look would we find you sporting?
On the days that I shoot pictures I look GREAT, but the rest of the time it's hit and miss. If I don't plan on going anywhere, I sometimes stay in my pajamas (boxers & a tank) all day. I'm not really a "princess" so to speak & I don't feel the need to ALWAYS look perfect. I kind of find it liberating to just be Me at times. On the flip side, I do LOVE any reason to wear a fabulous vintage outfit with all its trimmings.

Do you feel others respect the fact that you work from home, or do they seem to treat your work as something less than a "real" job? I think so, but I'm not one to really care if someone takes me seriously or not, which I think is sort of a blessing, but can come across the wrong way as well.

If money were no object, what one Etsy item would you splurge on to help you in your job as an Etsy mom? I'm not sure if this counts, but I'm pretty much CRAZY about this Children's Activity Table from Etsy seller DennisKing.

Thank you, Rebecca, for sharing your tips on keeping organized while running an Etsy shop from home. I love that you have a "day" alotted just to doing general "housekeeping" for your shops. It seems that is the main area I struggle in. I love to shop & the thrill of selling, but when it comes to keeping everything tidy, I tend to turn a blind eye. I will have to add an organizing day into my routine! And the children's activity table definitely counts, and spoken like a true mother. I am too am always on the look out for constructive ways to keep my kids occupied & engaged in beneficial activites while I finish up some of my work.
Stay tuned for our fourth & final installment of our interview with Rebecca as she shares a little on how she manages to have a life beyond Etsy.

Monday, July 13, 2009

Three Little Indians

Welcome to our second installment of our interview with Ms.Vintage where she gives us a little peek into how she manages Etsying & Mothering. She has three darling little boys & runs two successful Etsy shops. How does she do it all?

How do you juggle family and Etsy? Um, well I don't think I do very well. I definitely drop a few balls or so quite often while juggling. I try to designate certain "etsy time slots" throughout my day & it seems the days that I actually follow through with my "plan", things are much smoother.

What do your kids think about Etsy? Harrison helps with the pictures & occassionally asks me how it all "works". They all join in on the excitement of a sale or Front Page exposure! but on the flip side, they get a little annoyed with the computer if I am in the middle of something and they want milk or peanut butter toast NOW!

You also home school. How do you manage to do all this? Well, I am blessed to have 3 boys, close in age who LOVE playing together, so they don't require much "playing" time with me, allowing me to get housework & other responsibilities accomplished. We work on "school" together in the mornings; the younger two are learning preschool stuff & Harry is finishing up Kindergarten. Next year will be a little more of a challenge as Harry will need more one-on-one learning time with me for First Grade.

To what extent do you rely on the TV to keep the kiddos occupied while you work on Etsy? We don't have cable, but we get DVDs from the library each week & we have many VHS tapes that I pick up from the thrift store for a quarter. I am all about the VCR, since the boys can't scratch the tapes like DVDs. But as far as how much they watch, it differs day to day depending on how hot it is outside. They usually watch approximately 30 minutes in the morning & afternoon before Daddy comes home (giving me time to get the house clean) & a few evenings a week we'll watch something together as a family before bed.

What is your favorite family fun activity?
We live 4 miles from the beach, so we frequent there often, but we actually enjoy staying home together. My husband has transformed our backyard into a wonderland, so the boys, more often than not, would rather just stay home and swim & play. Also, this probably sounds strange but I actually like watching them wrestle with Rich, my husband. A few other "funzies" that we enjoy are: singing, dancing & "Go Fish" is a fave right now.

If money were no object, what Etsy item would you buy for your children? This Child TeePee by GracieBeanBaby. They are VERY into fort & tent making right now.


Stay tuned for the next part of our interview where Rebecca reveals her organization tricks for running her Etsy business from home.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Meet Ms.Vintage

I am excited to introduce our debut Esty-Mompreneur, Rebecca, aka Ms.Vintage of The.Vintage.Blog. Rebecca is a personal & close friend of mine, and I was absolutely thrilled that she found time to take time away from her demanding day of chasing around her three little boys & simultaneously running her successful Etsy shops to answer my many questions. Rebecca is bubbling over with inspiring tips on growing a thriving Etsy business while taking care of an endless list of tasks as a stay at home mom.

Describe your Etsy shop: well, i actually have two--The Vintage Closet { fashion that transcends the decades } & The Vintage Dress { EXQUISITE vintage dresses }

"in my dress shop i am CRAZY about this wedding dress..."

How many children do you have and what are their ages?
3 beautiful, enegetic, fun boys! harrison: 6, jefferson (jj):4, & edison (eddie): 2

How long have you been an Etsy Mom?
since january 2008

What did you do before becoming a WAHM?
My boys were VERY young & close in age, which pretty much took up all my time, so I was just a SAHM.

harrison: 6, jefferson (jj):4, & edison (eddie): 2

What inspired you to start your Etsy shop and how long have you been running it?

I have always had a passion for VINTAGE & thus frequented local thrift shops for myself, a friend thought of me when they discovered etsy & turned me onto the site and suggested that I sell some of the amazing finds that I come across, but might not want for myself.

Do you currently have any other at home businesses?
Hmmmmm......well, 3 small boys, homeschooling, church & Etsy pretty much keep me busy enough...
but it seems that my head is FULL of money making ideas & my goal is to one day hire on my husband, so that he came be home with us all day, everyday!!!

Of which item currently for sale in your Etsy shop are you most proud and why?
n my dress shop I am CRAZY about this wedding dress
: It is simple, yet STUNNING & you can feel the rich, history of it when you are both in the same room!

Which item in your shop is the best reflection of your personal style?
I am very much a hat person & this season I have been wearing a straw fedora, so this listing pretty much reflects my style.


More to come! In our next post with Ms.Vintage she will share her insider tips on Etsying & Mothering.