Thursday, July 30, 2009

Picture Pages, Picture Pages...

Rhonda was kind enough to share some pictures of her adorable inspiration, her nieces & nephews! Since today is my birthday I plan to keep this post short, but be sure to check back in either Friday or Saturday when I plan to post the final part of her interview! I have a great interview lined up for next week as well!

My newest great nephew. He's very tiny, 18 months old and he weighs a whopping 17 pounds and is only 26" tall. I don't think he'll be a football player! He's so funny, too! Right now, he's my guinea pig. Any new baby items I make, I send to him to test out for me. While my niece was pregnant, I sent her "mommy" items so she could tell me what changes I needed to make, if any. She's very honest and I love her input.

My cutting table. It folds up (shown half unfolded) so it doesn't take up a lot of room. I usually keep it tucked under the stairs.

The secretary I refinished--what it looked like when I first got it. Believe it or not, this was Mike's grandmother's. She had bought it from Sears. I guess back in the day you could buy furniture kits that you put together yourself. I still have to attach the desk part of it and I want to paint flowers on it also. I chose blue and yellow because that's my favorite color combination.

My side of the family. I'm standing on the right in the light blue sweater. My parents are in the middle (mom in white shirt and Dad sitting). My two brothers are standing on either side of my Mom. The rest are all nieces and nephews. This picture was taken four years ago so one more great niece and two great nephews have been added to the mix.

Of course, I have to send you pictures of my "kids" too! "Cuddle Monkey" is my kitty Scooter. She's so cuddly! I believe someone dropped her (nice I know) so we adopted her. She's very funny too--quite a personality. I do believe she's a reincarnate human because she does such "human" things. She likes eating raw potatoes and pistachios. That's just not catlike lol. "We in Love" are my other two kitties, Jezebel (orange), and Jinx. They were both feral. It took us MONTHS to tame them. But we eventually did and now they're very lovable cats. Although Jezzy still acts a little freaky sometimes.

My little Rocky. He's my chinchilla. I've had him since he was 12 weeks old (he's now 11 yrs old). He's a sweet little guy. Chinchillas don't like to be handled, but he LOVES his fat belly scratched. He's very friendly. And, as you can see, also a Steelers fan.
Thank you for sharing these great personal photos! It's always so nice to get to know the person behind the shop on Etsy. We are looking forward to the final part of your interview coming up this weekend!

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