Sunday, August 16, 2009

What's a Corrie Berry Pie?

What's a Corrie Berry Pie? Only one of the sweetest Etsy shops you ever did see! This week I am proud to bring you our interview with stay at home mom Corrie, of Corrie Berry Pie. You are in for a treat as Corrie provides us with a few snapshots of how she manages her typical week as an EtsyMomPreneur.

Corrie & Judah

What inspired you to start your Etsy shop and how long have you been running it?
After oscillating back and forth between family and school (several times!) I finally decided to put the Art degree on hold for a while so I could stay at home and play with Judah all day. The shop was actually my husband John Jay's idea...a way to feed my need to create, while simultaneously helping us pay bills as he works his way through grad school. I started the shop on November 8, 2008

How many children do you have and what are their ages?

I have one son, Judah, who just turned two a few weeks ago. He's the funniest, sweetest, smartest, quirkiest kid you'll ever meet. He keeps my imagination alive.

Please describe your Etsy shop...
Textile jewelry, garlands, and other homespun miscellanea...that's the shop's tag-line. But most of the things you'll see are one-of-a-kind (or few-of-a-kind) items - often with unconventional materials incorporated into the piece. I'm a huge fan of the found object and fabric in my jewelry.

Of which item currently for sale in your Etsy shop are you most proud and why?

Oh, wow. That's a tough one. Obviously, the goal of the shop is to sell things. But I catch myself mourning the loss of some of my favorites after they sell (like my Happy The Whale Necklace).

One of my favorite live items:


  1. Corrie, this is a wonderful tribute to your creativity and fun spirit! I'm glad it was noticed and honored! Keep loving what you do!

  2. Corrie's creations are truly beautiful!

  3. Wow ! I'm a good friend of your mom's from Jacksonville FL and she shared your link with me -- you are so incredibly talented! My prediction is great success for you! Some star will find your shop and you'll hit overnight popularity!! You go girl!

  4. Corrie, I'm your mother's childhood friend, Gina. She is so proud of you and I can see why. Your creativity just amazes me. Everything I commented on in her house was something that you created. You are so blessed to have such a wonderful family and be such a special mom and entrepreneur as well. Great things will come to you!

  5. Hi, Corrie -- Your jewelry is so fun! I love the uniqueness of each item -- yet without any of the harshness of the usual "edgy" type jewelry. It doesn't hurt anything that you have such a beautiful model!