Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Juggling Judah

What's scrumptious enough to get a hard working girl to put down her needle & thread?
One glimpse of this little kitten and you'll see why Judah has his mama smitten. This is our second installment of our interview with Corrie, the creative force behind the lovely CorrieBerryPie. Today she shares with us how she keeps mothering first and Etsy somewhere else on her list of priorities as an EtsyMomPreneur.

How do you juggle family & Etsy?
Judah's nap time is key. I even kick my husband out of the house! Just me, a cup of coffee and work. Judah loves the pictures of Mommy. And it's adorable to hear him say "Corrieberry Pie!" But really, I try to do Etsy stuff when he's asleep. Occasionally he'll sit in my lap while I sew, or watch me make a Treasury. But mostly I spend time with him and doing other "chores" during the day...he's learning how to do laundry right now!

To what extent do you rely upon the TV to keep Judah occupied while you work on Etsy?
Not at all. We don't really do TV in our house (other than movies). So when he gets to watch Baby Einstein or Curious George, it's a big deal and he usually requests, "Mommy, Daddy, sit!" So we do. Who can say no to that?

What is your favorite family fun activity? Riding bikes. For sure. There's a beautiful 16 mile trail by our house with a coffee shop at the end for inspiration.

If money were no object, what Etsy item would you buy for your little man, Judah?
I adore everything at Star House...
Oooooh...and maybe this table & chairs set from sofali:

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  1. CORRIE GAINES !!!! What fun looking at what you're up to. I know your parents are so proud of you. That Judah is beautiful; how blessed you all are. I'm remebering such memories with a fond/sad recollection. I miss those times when all of you guys were young, but it's so exciting to watch you all now watching your little ones. Life is a treasure, don't let the duties steal your enjoyment, the hard work is a blessing not a curse. I miss you all. Love you, Mrs. Sheryl Vickery.