Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Allison on Keeping Family FIrst

"My creations are my time to relax...."
--Allison, BornAgainPurses

And what lovely creations to behold! I'm so excited to share the 2nd portion of our interview with Allison of the fun & funky Etsy shop, Born Again Purses. Read on to get a peek into how she manages working from home while keeping family first.

How do you juggle family & Etsy?
My creations are my time to relax and I have done some kind of craft ever since I was small. The majority of my time is spent doing family type things, but at night when my kids go to bed I pick some things up to work on. Some days I will create all day but that doesn't happen all that often.

What do your kids think about Etsy?
My children are 13, 12 and 7 so they like to do things on their own at times so this is a good time for me to get some work done in the craft department. Also two of them like to make things when I am working on something so I will help them a bit but still have some time to do my own thing. I am hoping to pass this passion of creating down to them as it gives me great joy!!!

My middle child does a lot of my modeling of our purses on the site so she loves this. Also I find that they get very excited for me when things are sold and they see them ship to various places around the world. My middle child will brag about our shop to any one that will listen to her so she is a great spokesperson. The extra money brought in goes towards fun things that we do as a family, like travel, so this is an investment for everyone in my family!

Do you rely upon the TV to keep the kiddos occupied while you work on Etsy? My children do many things and I try to keep TV watching to a minimum along with computer and DS time. I want them to be well rounded, but get time outside and learn to be a bit bored sometimes. My best ideas come from times when I am bored as it gives me the opportunity to really think and DREAM!

What is your favorite family fun activity?
We love to travel and try to do this as often as we can. We have a cottage and like to go in the Summer as much as we can. The girls love the water and the beach and our cottage has no TV, A pump for the well and we just got electricity this Year. It is quiet and we love to play by the Ocean. We like bowling and swimming as well and the girls have swimming lessons on Saturday throughout the Fall and Winter.

If money were no object, what Etsy item would you buy for your children?
I love to buy my gifts on Etsy as I appreciate all the work that goes into what is made. I love this Canadian shop and have bought some lovely items from her in the past:

Some of the jewelry shops are nice too and my older girls are liking some of these things now, like this one, or String Me Along.

I like some of the soap shops as well, and the girls love to smell all of the scents, such as sold at Carvel Country Shops.

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