Sunday, August 9, 2009

Allison on Etsy Success

"I am hoping that my children will inherit the love of crafting...."

Welcome to the final installment of our interview with Etsy mama Allison of the always innovative Born Again Purses. Today Allison shares some of her personal Etsy faves and what she does to ensure her life is not all work and no play.

What closing Etsy advice would you like to leave us with?
I think that success is not the selling of our products that we make but in the joy of making them. I know it is easy to say this and it sure is nice to sell, but for me creating one of a kind pieces relaxes me and grounds me. It helps to ease all my daily dilemmas and helps me take the time to dream about things I want to accomplish. I am hoping that my children will inherit the love of crafting because it is a gift that I would like to pass down to them as it was passed down to me.

What do you do to take time away for yourself, other than Etsy?
I like to do some other things besides Etsy like reading, travel, taking a walk, bubble bath, spending time with friends and family etc.

Are you taking care of yourself? Do you get enough sleep?

For the most part I do get enough sleep, but this hasn't always been the case as my oldest used to get up at 5:00 AM for the longest time and then she would talk loudly. Each year it gradually got 15 to 20 minutes longer and finally she will sleep in a bit now that she is 13.

What three things would be at the top of your list if I sent you on an all expenses paid Etsy shopping spree?

* I would like to buy one of five-fortys lovely rugs made from recycled wool sweaters.
* I love this shop's jewelry.
* I am on a soap kick lately and I love everything form this shop that I have bought so far.

I would also like to buy some nice items for my friends and family because it feels good to give gifts that are handmade.

What other Etsy Mom would you like to see featured on this blog?

There are so many talented people here at Etsy that it would be difficult to pick just one shop, but I like this one and she is nice to talk to:

It has been such a joy hearing Allison's passion for her craft. Now make sure you run straight over to her Etsy shop Born Again Purses. I have posted a few of her sweet creations here, but she has over 90 original items in store now!

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