Sunday, August 9, 2009

BornAgainPurses, AGAIN...

It's been a crazy-fun weekend here in sunny FL. We had a family wedding, which meant lots of time spent with extended family and getting behind in my online world. So this week I will continue with the last two parts of our interview with Allison from BornAgainPurses.

What is your biggest organizational/time management strength?

I am very organized in a disorganized way but I can find everything I need. I have great intentions, but then something will happen like the kids asking a question and I am off to look for what they asked me to do. I use a systematic approach to the purses and do an assembly line to get them finished. My main weakness is having too many supplies in stock. If I see a sweater I love or an embellishment then I have to have it. I'll buy it even though we really do have enough right now.

How do you store your Etsy supplies & stock?

I have a craft room so everything is stored in bins and marked as to what it is. We have craft fairs and consignment shops that we deal with so this helps me to organize getting stock out the door as well.

Please describe your typical Etsy week.

I don't have any set hours as much of my work gets done after the kids are in bed. I like having a more versatile schedule as it works while my kids are smaller. As they grow and need me a little less I will be able to put in some more time at Etsy and other venues.

Do you feel your work on Etsy is respected by those around you, or looked at as something less meaningful than a "real" job?

I think that this job is respected by most of my friends as they are amazed at the passion I have for what I am making. They have been very supportive and are very excited when I do well here at Etsy or elsewhere.

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