Friday, June 26, 2009

Gunne Sax Love

Nap time is Etsy time for Mom around here, but as you can see, today Leighton is skipping his regularly scheduled siesta. He was contentedly enjoying a little tummy time when I dove into a bag of vintage treasures ready for measuring & listing over at our Etsy shop, Linden Lane Clothing.

I couldn't resist introducing myself to you for the very first time in my priceless Gunne Sax prairie dress. I am madly in love with it. I first found it at one of my favorite shops in downtown Tampa. It had been mistakenly hung with the Halloween costumes, or I'm sure it would have been grabbed up by one of the many vintage wear enthusiasts of Tampa Bay. I snagged it as fast as I could, ran to the dressing room, and tried with all my might to zip it up around my very pregnant torso. No luck. At 30 weeks, even the empire waist was not on my side. With a sigh I bought the dress for Linden Lane.

Today I am going to measure this red & white gem and offer it up to the world of Etsy. I will miss my darling piece of Little House. I will pray that the listing expires and that nobody buys it so that it will be mine, all mine. Alas, one day I will slip my heart into a white poly mailer, slap a shipping label on it, and send it away. But at least I will have these fun pictures of Mommy at work, an Etsypreneur extraordinaire.

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  1. geesh...did you put enough time into this??? very cool though...i've been reading up on how to make my own candles to sell...

    luv kimmy